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A typical Java developer knows that when you need to develop a GUI for a Java application, Swing is the tool. Eclipse SWT also has a number of followers, but the majority of people use Java Swing. For the past 10 years, it was a given that Swing development wouldn't be easy; you have to master working with the event-dispatch thread, GridBaglayout, and the like. Recently, the NetBeans team created a nice GUI designer called Matisse, which was also ported to MyEclipse. Prior to Matisse, JBuilder had the best Swing designer, but it was too expensive. Now a good designer comes with NetBeans for free. Why even consider Flex for developing Rich Internet Applications (RIA)? First, we'll give the short answer. Just look at the code in Listing 1. This code compiles and runs in the Flash player and produces the output shown in Figure 1. Yes, it's a tree control with several no... (more)

Enterprise Development: Flex or HTML5?

This article is a transcript from a recorded conversation Yakov Fain had with Anatole Tartakovsky and Victor Rasputnis – his business partners at Farata Systems. This conversation took place on the mountain after the day of skiing. Yakov. There are many ways of creating Web applications and creating them for the enterprises is not the same as developing a Web site for a pizzeria in your neighborhood. During the last five years we’ve been using mainly Adobe Flex for development of the front end of Web applications. Flex applications work in a well known and predictable run-time e... (more)

HyperText Objects or the PowerBuilder VM Anywhere

Let's face it: we would love to put our PowerBuilder systems on the Web. As the industry trend is to make every new project "Web-enabled," our PB applications have already acquired the word "legacy" in front of them. With the current efforts to enable remote access and enterprise security, the traditional client/server systems that assumed a concentrated users base in one area are becoming a thing of the past. We all know the cost of serving our users off the Web: the full-blown redesign of "legacy" systems. This redesign is partially related to the repartitioning of the former t... (more)

Multi-Tier Application Development with Adobe Flex

This excerpt describes the process of creating a complete Flex-Java distributed application. Upgrading Flex applications to Java Enterprise Edition applications is done with Flex Data Services. FDS provides transparent access to POJO, EJBs, and JMS and comes with adapters for frameworks like Spring and Hibernate. These powerful capabilities come free for a single-CPU server, otherwise see your local Adobe dealer. Flex can also invoke any SOAP Web Service or send an HTTP request to any URL via Web Services and HTTPService components. Here we will illustrate Flex controls, HTTPSer... (more)

Web Enablement of DataWindows

Let's face it - rewriting an existing application from platform to platform is not fun. But many businesses successfully served with PowerBuilder applications are rewriting parts of PB apps for the Web and maintaining the same functionality in PowerBuilder and Java, PowerBuilder and C#, etc. Faced with this problem we decided to create a product called "XML Server Pages" that uses our DW2Java/DW2Net converters to automatically convert existing DataWindows into sets of J2EE or .NET objects - ready to run on the Web. For reporting applications of any complexity, including heavy fina... (more)